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Friday August 19 Private
Saturday August 20 TTR BAND Copper Live
Eagles Landing, Center Village at Copper Mountain
Saturday August 27 TTR DUO The Remedy 4 Seasons in Vail
Sunday August 28  TTR BAND Avon Sunset Live-Back Stage Deck
Friday Sept 9 Private
Sunday Sept 11 Singletree
Sunday Sept 18 Private
Wednesday Sept 21 Private
Monday Sept 26 Private
Tuesday Sept 27 Private
Saturday Sept 30 TTR TRIO Center for the Arts Evergreen
Saturday Nov 5 RSES Fundraiser
Saturday June, 2023 Private

The Turntable Revue is available as a duo, trio or 5 piece band. 


Joe Bianchi and Terry Armistead, brother and sister duo grew up playing music together...both their parents are musicians so evenings were spent playing guitar and singing. The TV didn't work so well anyway.


Booking | Terry Armistead | 970.445.7434










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